Exhibit G

Our Resident Policies To The Lease

The lease and the exhibits to the lease are pre-thought-out answers to anticipated problems.


Without the lease, management would have to make decisions on a one-by-one basis. This would not only lead to chaos, but also would produce inconsistent results. Exhibit-g.com's primary purpose is to help residents by making them familiar with our policies and procedures. 

Please click on any of links below to answer common questions. This is how we work, if you have concerns with our policies and can not live by our policies, its best to rent from someone else.


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What's in the lease?        
Sub-Paragraphs to the lease. Please review each paragraph to your lease. Sub-paragraph titles. If you can not find your copy, we'll get you another copy. These are the sub-paragraphs to your lease. We went over each paragraph at lease signing. If you have questions, please text Q&A to 435-753-8180

1.      Rent
2.      Multiple occupancy
3.      Utilities
4.      Use
5.      Pets and smoking
6.      Ordinances and statues
7.      Assignment and subletting
8.      Maintenance Repairs or alterations
9.      Entry and inspections
10.    Indemnification
11.    Possession
12.    Default
13.    Security
14.    Deposit refunds
15.    Attorney fees
16.    Waiver
17.    Notices
18.    Hold over
19.    Time
20.    Owner / Management shall not be liable
21.    Additional terms and conditions
22.    Upon move in 
23.    Entire agreement and exhibits to the lease
24.    Lead Paint
25.    Assignment of new management

Exhibit A        Move in check list 
Exhibit B       Application
Exhibit C       Logan City Tenant Landlord Ord.
Exhibit D       Communication process
Exhibit E       Suggestions cleaning, move out and more
Exhibit F       Sample of deposit refund accounting

Exhibit G       Our list of policies. Answers to every question you may have.





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Winterizing Hose Bibbs or Outside Faucets

Maintenance request process and emergencies Exhibit D to lease

Late Fees and collection 



Security deposits      
Click here: Pets and Smoking  If any of the properties allow pets, it will be advertised. Pet list not allowed, Click here 

Assignment and Subleting  Early move outs

Occupancy limits        


Tenant Improvements  

Rent Payments        

Hi-Fi Music Instruments        


Auto Repairs        




Pest Control        

Tenant abuse 

Illegal and Immoral users        

Tenant Damage        

Emergencies and Non-emergencies 


Carpet cleaning 


Window Screens 

AC Window units

Care and Use of Appliances 

Yard Sales and Garage Sales 



Cable TV and Dish 

Homeowner Association policies 


Patching Nail Holes 

Cleaning Your rental home  

Keeping Your Place Clean and maintained 

Sofa's and furniture on porch 


How To Light A Gas Water Heater Pilot Light

Heating and Air. FILTERS 

Fire Alarms 

Moving Out 

Leaving Tires on the property 

Lockouts or loss of keys

Placing cans in window frames. Its tacky and not allowed.

Divorce, One of us has to move. The same would hold true if you had to move for any other reason.

Ropes hanging from trees, homemade swings.
Not allowed.

Trampolines, not allowed

Wading pools  

Auto's In Daily Use Only: Sub-paragraph 24 to lease

All automobiles shall be parked in designated areas only. No mechanical work to be done on the premises. Only vehicles in daily use are permitted on premises. No trailers, boats, RV's , etc.

Lead Based Paint Phamplet   Sub-Paragraph 24 to lease, pre 1978.

Crime victim's right to new locks-Domestic violence. "tenant pays for new locks and re-key" All changes have to match our master keys. Utah code: 
57-22-5.1   You will need to call us with this issue. Do not take it upon yourself to change locks.

Communication process